Family statement regarding Humboldt Bronco player Layne Matechuk

Family statement regarding Humboldt Bronco player Layne Matechuk

Friday, June 29, 2018

This statement is being released by Saskatchewan Health Authority on behalf of the family of Layne Matechuk, who was injured in the Humboldt Broncos tragedy and remains in hospital.

On April 6, 2018, our family was forever changed like so many others. After spending the first month in a coma, Layne is now awake and making steady progress. He has suffered from a brain injury and the journey ahead will not be easy. He has not yet been able to speak. However, each day, he gets a little stronger and we are getting signs from him about what he is thinking.

He doesn’t appear to know what has happened. And while we see his frustration, we also see his determination. Layne has always had to work hard to achieve his success. While growing up, as other kids played after school, he would be at the rink working towards his dream of playing hockey. It was all he ever wanted to do. And for a while, he lived that dream.

We have been overwhelmed by the support we have received from family, as well as strangers and friends alike, including those who organized and took part in a bike rally for Layne earlier this month. And while we may not be publicly visible with Layne and his story, we wanted to say thank-you to everyone who has been by Layne’s side, and our side, these past three months. It means so much to us that you continue to think of Layne and that you care about him.

We also want to say thank-you to all the doctors and staff at Royal University Hospital who have brought Layne to this point in his recovery, and to all the special visitors who have taken the time to see Layne in hospital.

This week, Layne was transferred to Saskatoon City Hospital to start the next part in his rehabilitation journey. We wish we could tell you it is getting easier. The reality is – it’s not. At this point, we are not sure when Layne will get to leave hospital. But, what we can tell you is that we believe he gets a little closer every day.

#believe is the word we are holding onto these days. Layne’s coach talked about this often. He believed the team was not a fifth place team, but a number one team. He told the players that they had to believe in order to accomplish something.

Today, we #believe.

We #believe the strength and determination that brought Layne success on the ice will bring him success in the months and years ahead. We ask that you continue to send your prayers and support to him – and to think of him.

And most of all, we ask that you #believe with him and us.


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