Statement from the family of Xavier Labelle

Statement from the family of Xavier Labelle

We are forever grateful for the love, prayers, and support shown towards our family, and our Bronco family, by the many people in our community and around the world that Xavier Labellehave been touched by this tragedy. We have been deeply moved by your generosity and kindness. Thank you.

Xavier is healing from his multiple injuries. The compassion and care provided by the first responders, medical team, and community has been exceptional. He was moved to the Saskatoon City Hospital Rehabilitation Centre to work with the many professionals who will continue to aid in his recovery.

Our hearts are forever broken over the loss of so many beautiful loved ones. Each of these wonderful people, and their families, will never be forgotten.

We’d like to thank the media and the community. As you have journeyed with us, you have continued to respect our privacy and shown compassion towards us as we have been learning to navigate new horizons. Our perspective has changed dramatically, and we will be moving forward with much love and heartfelt gratitude for others in our life.

With love,

Paul, Tanya, Isaac, Xavier and Viviana LaBelle


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